calendar marketing

The Big Three for Calendar Marketing

Even in 2015, calendar marketing continues to be one of the best and simplest ways to collect customer leads, make sales and build up recognition of your brand. By presenting a calendar to your customers or target audience, you will not only make your business look generous but you will also place your brand in their line of vision for a year. Whilst your customers or clients won’t have to do anything to receive a gift, calendars are still a highly cost effective way to market, as the exposure they provide can lead to a lot of sales in the space of a year or more.

Understandably, to see the best results, designing and producing the right calendar is essential. To optimise your calendar to suit your target audience, it is well worth consulting with a calendar marketing company.

When it comes to putting a promotional calendar together, there are three main points to factor in:

Market to your target audience

To see the best results, you should always aim to put your calendar out in front of a highly targeted audience. It is important to think about who your target audience are; what industry are they in and what are their interests? For example, a target audience in the motor industry would be likely to enjoy a calendar featuring classic cars, sports cars, or perhaps famous race tracks. By choosing the right subject and images for your calendar, your audience are more likely to appreciate the gift and hang it up on their wall in the office, meeting room or shop floor.

Always aim to engage with your audience to increase your efficiency without having to increase your costs.

Promote your brand

Whilst it is important to choose the right theme for your calendar, with appealing images, branding is also essential. Your logo must subtly stand out on the page, catching the eye of your customers and anyone else that may see your calendar on a regular basis.

However, branding goes much further than just printing your logo on every page. A calendar gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services all year round. If you have organised events, include an icon or image to highlight this on the calendar, if you are offering special discounts or sales, don’t neglect to include this on your calendar. This will not only let your customers know when they can save money buying from you, but will help increase their trust in your brand. Calendar entries can show that you are trying to provide valuable advice.

Always keep return on investment in mind

A well-executed promotional calendar can be enough to see an excellent ROI in itself, however, you should always aim to take any opportunity to increase your returns. As it isn’t always easy to measure the success of your calendar, you could combine your calendar marketing with direct marketing methods. An effective way of measuring where sales are coming from is by including cut out coupons in your calendar when special deals are on. You may choose to include a coupon for every week, month or quarter.

When it comes to creating a successful calendar, calendar marketing specialists will help you to think outside the box and help you to find the most cost effective solutions to promote your business. For more information, you can contact Eight Days a Week on 08432 898 074.


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